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I Have to Work But I Don’t Want To

So, I realized that for now, I would like to get a job and I am not earning enough with my business to have full financial freedom. First reaction – sadness, anger 😠, and frustration, feeling like a failure. But that’s not me – I do not want to spend my time thinking unproductive thoughts and feeling miserable 🤐. Continue reading to know how I managed to reframe my thinking. ⬇️
The first step was to open websites like LinkedIn and see what’s there that fits my profile and knowledge. I did find several job offers, and I went to some interviews. Results are not yet known.
Then I realized crystal clear that if I start working 8 hours per day, then I can say goodbye to 1️⃣ my business, and 2️⃣ enough time with my kids. For the last five months, I helped them with school projects, went to all important events and I am looking forward to spending summer with them.
So, I need to find an inspiring job, where I can do what I love, work no more than 6 hours per day and earn enough money. This realization made me even more frustrated. 😫
I saw the flaw of my thinking very distinctly! I was looking for A JOB, meaning a place where I fit, and that would take me, and then hope to negotiate the terms that honor my priorities. And when I remembered all the interviews, it was apparent that they do not fit. Feeling trapped and miserable because “there is no such place” – that is the main flaw.
What I decided to do is to look for THE JOB. This one place that has to exist, where I will feel free, autonomous, do work with purpose, apply all my skills and knowledge, go home at 4 PM and earn the salary that I want.
And not settle for anything else.
Do you feel this subtle difference in my thinking process? 🤔 Can you relate to how it affects my emotional state?

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