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Give Yourself Permission

The more I practice as a coach, the more I notice, how people struggle with finding time for their coaching sessions. I saw that it is often based on the residual principle – after everything else is planned and settled, then if the time remains, it can be scheduled for coaching. 🤷‍♀️ People don’t give themselves permission to prioritize their personal development.

🤔 That tendency on its own says a lot about how someone prioritizes his individual needs. What has the most impact on life vision, plans and achievements have low priority.


👀 After speaking with several clients, I learned that sometimes guilt is at the heart of this. People, especially women feel guilty about putting their own needs ahead of others. Some were told in their childhood that it is egocentric to think about yourself. As a result, people disconnect with their needs and sometimes cannot even answer the question “what do you truly want for yourself?”

❤️ Thinking about yourself does not necessarily imply that you do not care about the others. Those are two separate processes. By honoring your priorities, you do not neglect others. 🤗 On the other hand, becoming a better version of yourself in any way, be it resting, sports, coaching, actually positively influences how you interact with other people.

Toxic People & Relationships

🤐 And if people in your life shame you, or tell you that you do not have this right to take care about yourself, or try to make you feel guilty, blame you in any way, maybe these are people who should not be in your life?

🤝 And if they are someone really close to you, a spouse or a parent, then you need to work on your relationships and make sure that it is balanced and your needs are met, and you know what they are.

You Are Worth It

❤️ Give yourself permission to take care of yourself. You are worth it!

⁉️ Do you have issues with doing something only for you?

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