Scrum Master

Coaching vs Facilitation


The difference between facilitation and coaching often becomes blurred. Since mindfulness is one of Scrum Master’s competencies, it is essential to distinguish which process is intended – coaching or facilitation.

The task is similar – to improve team performance. For me, facilitation is process management without deep involvement. You take a specific goal, create a process of reaching this goal, and direct the process.
Coaching is broader. Coaches use facilitation during coaching, but the keyword is still “partnership.” It helps to reflect, dig deeper into motivation, relationships, and goals.

For example, the task is to review that backlog and create a new timeline. For this, you would use facilitation.

Another example is to define product vision. This can be done both through facilitation or through coaching. I think that the latter can produce a deeper awareness, though.

Or some team members completely lost their motivation, and there is no teamwork any more. This situation would benefit from in-depth transformative coaching.

I think it is essential to decide before any interaction with the team or team members, which process will be used, and master both separately and mindfully.

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