I am working on my personal brand and business for the past year.

After I enrolled in Erickson coaching courses, I almost immediately realized that this is my true calling. I also understood that as long as I am selling my time for money even if I do something that I love I will not be able to have the life I want. So I decided to work on additional passive income. This passive income should, of course, relate to helping others reach their goals and full potential.

First I pursued career coaching, and it seemed like the right choice. But in time it turned out to be meh. The majority of people I talked to wanted to be free and live the life of their dreams in the end. Career is just part of the living, but not all. I wanted to address something deeper, connected with true happiness, calm, mindfulness, family. Not all people are ready to work with a coach. How could I help as many people as I could?

I decided to teach people what I know as a coach – communication, mindfulness, deepening connections, NLP techniques – with what I know as an Agile coach – productivity, collaboration, effectiveness. To teach others to self-coach, if you will. Soon I will launch the first course, which will focus on arranging daily tasks and creating routines to create more time. Stay tuned!

Books About Social Media & Branding

Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook: How to Tell Your Story in a Noisy Social World


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