Agile Transformation: Is This Why Your Team Hates It?

This video will help you if your team doesn’t understand why Agile Transformation is needed, and you would like to change their attitude and start implementing the continuous improvement culture.

I have seen many Agile transformations, and one of the main reasons why teams have zero motivation to participate is the lack of clear reasons why this transformation is needed in the first place.

It’s funny that even the management often has no clue very except some buzz phrases like faster time to market. The majority of Agile transformations are started because Agile seems like a must nowadays, or because companies want to replicate the successes of others. #SpotifyМodel.

There are no quick fixes and I suggest taking one of the two roads.

Road number one is to meet with the management, preferably top management, and clarify their reasons for starting an Agile Transformation using simple coaching questions:

  • What problems are they facing? 
  • How exactly is an Agile Transformation going to solve these problems?
  • What are the criteria for success? 

Road number two is trickier. If road number one failed, you have to help your team to find their reason WHY. Remember that Agile is based on constant improvement. Yes, some teams claim they have nothing to improve or continuously blame others. I will talk about such teams in one of my next videos. But in this video, I’m talking about teams that didn’t lose their intrinsic human motivation to improve.

You repeat the same process I talked about previously, what problems the team is facing, and what are the successful resolution of these problems, the success criteria, which are still SMARRT with two Rs. You end up with the same list of the issues, and like success and success criteria, I talked about in my previous step. So you have the list, which is either company’s problems or your team’s problems. It doesn’t matter. The next step is to visualize the results. I suggest using a simple tool called the Wheel. 

  • Draw a circle and divide it into pizza-like sections/areas.
  • List one problem in each area.
  • Yes, the number of problems should match the number of areas. Our brain likes to see the finished diagram with no blank spaces; this is why the wheel is better than the list that has no end.
  • By each area, list the success criteria for the mentioned problem.
  • Decide which are is the root cause or “key” area by using the dot-voting technique.
  • You can mark the chosen area with some bright colors. 😃
  • Brainstorm and create a list of action items for solving the problem that won the voting. Straightforward brainstorm/discuss/vote technique.
  • Schedule 1-2 action items for the nearest future.

This technique will be covered in more detail in my next video when I will talk about how to facilitate a retrospective that you haven’t prepared for, or you are doing it with a completely new team.

Remember, your job is not to train your team in Agile. Your job is to change the culture and to create new behaviors and habits without which no transformation is possible. 🤗

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