About Anna

Welcome! Are you feeling overwhelmed by everyday tasks, struggling with forming new habits, have many ideas, projects, and interests but cannot convert them into clear and achievable goals and routines? Or you set goals, create a to-do list, but it ends there? My passion is to help you resolve those issues, achieve your life goals and lead a calm, structured and happy life.

I’m Anna, I am a Professional Erickson Coach and I am happy to meet you.

My goal is to help you to love and enjoy every moment of your day, become focused, organized and successful.

How I’m Different

I am a person of many interests, and my life goals shifted several times. I made a successful career in technology. I am married for almost 17 years and overcame various tough times with my husband. I have three beautiful kids. As a team coach I worked with hundreds of professionals just over the last three years, that gave me great insight into people.

Erickson Coaching allowed integrating this experience and shaped it into a caring, empathic and insightful approach to working with my clients.

My life experience in so many areas – career, teamwork, relationships, and parenting helps me to ask profound questions and maintain a holistic approach to clients’ lives.

Personal Experience

Like the majority of people, I had to overcome my issues.

My Dad died when I was 25, and it hit me hard. I did not know how to process emotions at that time, so it resulted in an alcohol abuse problem, which ended in full-blown addiction.

Battle with addition took many years, but it forced me to learn many things so that I can recover – anger management, mindfulness, how to take care of myself, how to create routines and structure in life.

When you have three kids, it seems like life is working against you and your plans. So I had to learn how to keep the routines despite all the unpredictability of life.

I was sober, but I did not resolve all issues, so food addiction replaced alcohol addiction. I gained weight and was struggling still. But I overcame that, I have found the way to reshape my relationship with food and I am recovering slowly, losing weight.

My marriage also had some rough patches – I was on the verge of divorce several times. But we, me and my husband Vlad, consciously and relentlessly worked together to resolve anything that stood in the way of a loving relationship.

I learned how to tap into my inner strength and get out of any situation. When I say that anything is possible, I mean it. I believe with all my heart that the answers to any problem are there, inside. All you need is someone to ask the right questions!

Official Career Info

You can check out my career path here.