5 Tips on How to​ Be a Better Leader

How to be better manager

In this article, I want to share my top 5 tips for becoming a better leader. If you are a manager, a Scrum Master, or an Agile Coach – any position that implies leading people, these tips might help you the way they helped me.

My path to where I am now was not easy – it took a lot of learning, practice, and patience. And time. I figured it out, but I wish I knew the shortcut right away. These tips helped me, and are still working for me since I am far from where I want to be 🎯

Practice Gratitude

As a leader, you have a unique possibility to influence the lives of others. The conditions you create at work affect how people feel at home, even their family lives. Be grateful for such opportunities in life. Be thankful for the people you work with. ❤️

At times we can become vain, we think that we are somehow more significant than others, that we know better. We forget to say “thank you” to people who agreed to work with us, to listen to us, to follow our lead.

Be humble. The best way to learn to be humble is to practice gratitude. Say thank you to someone every day. Start a gratitude journal. 📓

Work on Your Issues

Work on your problems daily – be mindful, notice everything that is going on with you. What makes you angry. What affects you.

Then find a therapist or a coach. If you are not willing to change yourself, do not expect that from others. Well, don’t expect it from others anyway, but that is a topic for another article 🤣 Daily mindfulness practice does miracles. I started using Headspace application several years ago, and it helped immensely in this area 🧘


Learn, read – communication skills, negotiation skills, coaching, NLP, you name it.📚 Anything that helps you serve others. Create a list of competencies and qualities you want to possess, prioritize it, and learn.

It does not take that much time – some podcast or an audiobook on your way to work, a YouTube video here and there. 15 minutes a day – anyone can spare that much.

Serve Others Daily

Ask yourself in the morning – whom can I serve today? A person, a team.

Remember, you are not a guru, not an entertainer, you are there to support others. And this means putting other people’s needs before your own vanity and pride. This not only makes you a better leader but a better person 😃

Build Relationships

Build relationships, slow down. 🤗 Don’t rush into giving advice, teaching, mentoring. There is a person in front of you. With their own dreams, fears, issues, abilities. It is not about making someone implement a framework or a practice, not about making someone follow your advice or just doing what you tell them to.

It is about building relationships by serving, listening, leading by example. Beautiful things will happen if you work on relationships with people around you every day. Marshall Rosenberg describes this level of connection entirely in his work about Non-violent communication.

If you do this every day, your leadership skills will grow exponentially, I promise you.

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