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3 Things You Need to Understand Before Quitting Your Job

Homeless Man
Homeless Man

Last year I realized that I want to create my own schedule, I don’t want to ask anyone’s permission on when to work, where to work, how much to work, and with whom. I also understood that I am going to have many opportunities to build my career, but I have only one chance to raise my children. To be the one who drives them to sports practice, the one who helps them with their homework. Not see them after 7 pm for two hours per day.

This realization was, indeed, painful. F**k, what I am going to do now? I have no clue how to make money, and I am 40 years old. 😱

If you have similar feelings and dreams, the earlier you realize the following, the better – if you do not work for anyone, you work for yourself. This part is clear.

What does it mean to successfully work for yourself

I am not talking about freelance work, which is basically the same, only you do not have official employment, but you are still selling your time for money. In my world working for yourself means owning your own business. Being an entrepreneur or solopreneur, whatever you want to call this.👩‍💼

This means learning about business management, branding, marketing, creating business plans, discovering strategies that work, testing out strategies. Learning about finances, investments.

There is no easy way around this. This is still hard work. With the only exception – you manage your schedule, your workload. Where to work, when to work, and with whom.

And another thing – it takes f***ing time. 😫 It will not be fast. So you better prepare yourself either by gathering funds for this. Or brace yourself for eating pasta for a while. It takes anywhere from 6 months to several years to build a business. And it is a business, we already established that. So…

3 Things You Need to Understand Before Quitting Your Job:

  1. To be indeed independent, you need to become a businessman or a businesswoman. This means constantly learning, reading tons of books, watching hours of YouTube videos, listening to podcasts, going through online courses. Ideally hiring a mentor.
  2. It is work, there is no shortcut, quick solution or magic pill. Don’t believe anyone saying that there is a magic strategy, quick fix. There are strategies, and without them, you will get nowhere. But it will take effort. You will fail at first.
  3. It will take time, so there should be a financial backup plan. Calculate your family expenses, figure out additional streams of income you might create until your business becomes profitable.

I personally have no funds, so I am taking a huge risk right now. Thank God, my family supports me fully.

What I do have is a vision of the life I want to live. And my passion – to support leaders in molding workplaces where employees are happy, live meaningful and mindful lives and produce outstanding results.

Life will show where it will get me. It is unpredictable, risky and unstable. But it feels so f***ing great!

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